The Biggest Prisons are Mental

The biggest prisons are mental,
⁠⁠… We start with limiting beliefs and end up with mental prison, the difference between them is almost imperceptible, since everything we believe comes true… In mental prison, you are trapped by limiting beliefs, precepts and thoughts that block your growth. In emotional prison, you are subjugated to automatic emotional reactions to different circumstances in your life. Both cause a lot of suffering. Mental prisons are the source of suffering, do you know how to get out of them? With self-knowledge. It is your mind that controls everything, if the cause of suffering is removed, the effect ceases. Does the Bible Talk About the Mind?📖🧠
(John 14.6) Lies are generated in the life of the world at all times and many times we are also deceived and the Bible says that the lie is of the devil because he lies from the beginning. (Job 8.44) Our mind needs to be full of eternal truths and they need to guide our lives. 🔓🤎


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